Core Curriculum Fall 2015

The courses listed below have been approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as Texas A&M University’s Core Curriculum beginning Fall 2015.

Courses in the Core Curriculum must meet one of eight Foundational Component Areas. To narrow down the search, courses can be sorted by Foundational Component Area, by campus (College Station and Galveston), by course, or by title.

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* The syllabus is a sample and used in at least one section of this course. The syllabus illustrates how this course, including all sections, addresses the Foundational Component Area and associated Core Objectives.

** Indicates that a course in the Core Curriculum also meets the International and Cultural Diversity (ICD) graduation requirement. Information about additional ICD courses that are not listed below can be found at

CSGVFoundational Component Area and Core ObjectivesCourse (Syllabus)*TitleCross ListedNotesTexas Common Course NumberICD**
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureAFST 204 Introduction to African American LiteratureENGL 204  Yes
YesAmerican HistoryAFST 300 Blacks in the US, 1607-1877 HIST 300  
YesAmerican HistoryAFST 301 Blacks in the US since 1877 HIST 301  Yes
YesCreative ArtsAFST 327 Popular Musics in the African DiasporaMUSC 327; PERF 327  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureAFST 345 Modern AfricaHIST 345  Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesAGEC 105 Introduction to Agricultural Economics  AGRI 2317
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesAGEC 350 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesALEC 450 Global Social Justice Issues in Agriculture   Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesANSC 107 General Animal Science  AGRI 1319, AGRI 1419
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesANTH 201 Introduction to Anthropology  ANTH 2346, HUMA 2323Yes
YesYesSocial and Behavioral SciencesANTH 202 Introduction to Archaeology  ANTH 2302
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureANTH 204 Peoples and Cultures of the Ancient World   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureANTH 205 Peoples and Cultures of the World   Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureANTH 210 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology  ANTH 2351Yes
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesANTH 225 Introduction to Biological Anthropology  ANTH 2401
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureANTH 316 Nautical Archaeology   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureANTH 317 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology RELS 317  
YesCreative ArtsANTH 324 Music in World Cultures MUSC 324  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureARAB 201 Intermediate Arabic I  ARAB 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureARAB 202 Intermediate Arabic II  ARAB 2312Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesARCH 212 Social and Behavioral Factors in Design   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureARCH 213 Sustainable Architecture   Yes
YesCreative ArtsARCH 249 Survey of World Architecture History 1  ARCH 1301Yes
YesCreative ArtsARCH 250 Survey of World Architecture History II  ARCH 1302Yes
YesCreative ArtsARCH 350 History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesARCH 458 Global Ethics, Culture and Practice   Yes
YesCreative ArtsARTS 149 Art History Survey I  ARTS 1303
YesYesCreative ArtsARTS 150 Art History Survey II  ARTS 1304Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesASTR 101 Basic Astronomy  ASTR 1304 & PHYS 1311
YesLife and Physical SciencesASTR 102 Observational Astronomy  ASTR 1104 & PHYS 1111
YesLife and Physical SciencesASTR 109 Big Bang & Black HolesPHYS 109Students taking this course must co-enroll in ASTR 119. 
YesLife and Physical SciencesASTR 111 Overview of Modern Astronomy  ASTR 1403 or 1303 and 1103; PHYS 1403 or PHYS 1303 and 1103
YesLife and Physical SciencesASTR 119 Big Bang & Black Holes Companion CoursePHYS 119Students taking this course must co-enroll in ASTR 109. 
YesLife and Physical SciencesATMO 201 Atmospheric Science   
YesLife and Physical SciencesATMO 202 Atmospheric Science Laboratory   
YesLife and Physical SciencesBESC 201 Intro to Bioenvironmental Sciences   
YesLife and Physical SciencesBESC 204 Molds and Mushrooms  BIOL 2306 Environmental BIOL
YesLife and Physical SciencesBIOL 101 Botany  BIOL 1311; BIOL 1111; BIOL 1411
YesLife and Physical SciencesBIOL 107 Zoology  BIOL 1313; BIOL 1113; BIOL1413
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesBIOL 111 Introductory Biology I  BIOL 1406
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesBIOL 112 Introductory Biology II  BIOL 1407
YesLife and Physical SciencesBIOL 113 Essentials in Biology  BIOL 1408
YesCreative ArtsCARC 311 Field Studies in Design Communication   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCARC 331 Field Studies in Design Philosophy   Yes
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 101 Fundamentals of Chemistry I Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 111.CHEM 1411
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 102 Fundamentals of Chemistry II Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 112.CHEM 1412
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 106 Molecular Science for Citizens/Laboratory Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 116.CHEM 1405
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 107 General Chemistry for Engineers Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 117. 
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry I Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 101.CHEM 1411
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 112 Fundamentals of Chemistry II Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 102.CHEM 1412
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 116 Molecular Science for Citizens/Laboratory Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 106.CHEM 1405
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesCHEM 117 General Chemistry for Engineers Students taking this course must co-enroll in CHEM 107. 
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I  CHIN 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II  CHIN 2312Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCLAS 220 History of Christianity: Organs to the ReformationHIST 220, RELS 220  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCLAS 221 Intermediate Latin I  LATI 2311
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCLAS 222 Intermediate Latin II  LATI 2312
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCLAS 250 Greek and Roman Civilization   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCLAS 251 Classical Mythology RELS 251  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCLAS 429 The Roman EmpireHIST 429  
YesYesCommunicationCOMM 203 Public Speaking  SPCH 1315
YesCommunicationCOMM 205 Communication for Technical Professions   
YesCommunicationCOMM 243 Argumentation and Debate  SPCH 2335
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCOMM 301 Rhetoric in Western Thought   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesCOMM 315 Interpersonal Communication   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesCOMM 320 Organizational Communication   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesCOMM 325 Persuasion   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureCOMM 327 American Oratory   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesCOMM 335 Intercultural Communication   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesCOMM 365 International CommunicationJOUR 365  Yes
YesCreative ArtsDCED 202 Dance Appreciation   Yes
YesYesSocial and Behavioral SciencesECON 202 Principles of Economics  ECON 2302
YesYesSocial and Behavioral SciencesECON 203 Principles of Economics  ECON 2301
YesCreative ArtsENDS 101 Design Process  ARCH 1311Yes
YesCreative ArtsENDS 115 Design Communication Foundations  ARCH 1307
YesCommunicationENGL 103 Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric  ENGL 1301
YesYesCommunicationENGL 104 Composition and Rhetoric  ENGL 1302
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 202 Environmental Literature   
YesYesCommunicationENGL 203 Writing about Literature   
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 204 Introduction to African American LiteratureAFST 204  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 206 21st Century Literature and Culture   Yes
YesYesCommunicationENGL 210 Technical and Business Writing  ENGL 2311
YesYesCreative ArtsENGL 212 Shakespeare   
YesCreative ArtsENGL 219 Literature and the Other Arts   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 221 World LiteratureMODL 221 ENGL 2332Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 222 World LiteratureMODL 222 ENGL 2333Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 227 American Literature: Beginnings to Civil War  ENGL 2327
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 228 American Literature: Civil War to Present  ENGL 2328
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 231 Survey of English Lit I  ENGL 2322
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 232 Survey of British Literature II  ENGL 2323Yes
YesYesCreative ArtsENGL 251 Introduction to Film Analysis FILM 251 COMM 2366Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 253 Introduction to Cultural Studies & Popular Culture   Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 330 Arthurian Literature   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 333 Gay and Lesbian Literature WGST 333  Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 334 Science Fiction Present and Past   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 335 Literature of the Sea   
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 338 American Ethnic Literature   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 360 Literature for Children  ENGL 2375
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 362 Latino/a Literature of the U.S.HISP 362  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 365 Bible as LiteratureRELS 360  
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 374 Women WritersWGST 374  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGL 376 American Novel Since 1900   Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesENGR 101 Energy: Resources, Utilization, and Importance to Society   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureENGR 482 Ethics and Engineering PHIL 482  
YesLife and Physical SciencesENTO 322 Insects in Human Society   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesEPSY 320 Child Development for Educators  PSYC 2314; PSYC 2308Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesEPSY 321 Adolescent Development for Educators   
YesLife and Physical SciencesESSM 309 Forest Ecology   
YesCreative ArtsFILM 251 Introduction to Film Analysis ENGL 251 COMM 2366Yes
YesCreative ArtsFILM 425 French FilmFREN 425  Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesFIVS 123 Forensic Investigations    
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureFREN 201 Intermediate French I  FREN 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureFREN 202 Intermediate French II  FREN 2312Yes
YesCreative ArtsFREN 425 French FilmFILM 425  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureFSTC 300 Religious and Ethnic FoodsNUTR 300  Yes
YesYesSocial and Behavioral SciencesGEOG 201 Introduction to Human Geography  GEOG 1302Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureGEOG 202 Geography of the Global Village  GEOG 1303Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesGEOG 203 Planet Earth  GEOG 1301
YesLife and Physical SciencesGEOG 205 Environmental Change   
YesLife and Physical SciencesGEOG 213 Planet Earth Lab   
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureGEOG 301 Geography of the United States   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureGEOG 305 Geography of Texas   Yes
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesGEOL 101 Principles of Geology  GEOL 1303
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesGEOL 106 Historical Geology  GEOL 1404
YesLife and Physical SciencesGEOS 210 Climate Change   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureGERM 201 Intermediate German I  GERM 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureGERM 202 Intermediate German II  GERM 2312Yes
YesCreative ArtsHISP 204 Spanish and Spanish American Literature in Translation   
YesCreative ArtsHISP 205 Don Quixote and the other Arts   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHISP 206 Food in the Hispanic World   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHISP 362 Latino/a Literature of the U.S.ENGL 362  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 101 Western Civilization to 1660  HIST 2311
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 102 Western Civilization Since 1660  HIST 2312
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 103 World History to 1500  HIST 2321
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 104 World History Since 1500  HIST 2322
YesYesAmerican HistoryHIST 105 History of the United States  HIST 1301
YesYesAmerican HistoryHIST 106 History of the United States  HIST 1302
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 210 Russian Civilization    Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 213 History of England  HIST 2313
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 214 History of England  HIST 2314Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 220 History of Christianity: Origins to the ReformationCLAS 220, RELS 220  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 221 History of Islam RELS 221  
YesYesAmerican HistoryHIST 226 History of Texas  HIST 2301
YesAmerican HistoryHIST 230 American Military History, 1609-Present   
YesYesAmerican HistoryHIST 232 History of American Sea Power   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 234 European Military History, 1630-1900   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 242 United States Maritime History   
YesAmerican HistoryHIST 258 American Indian History   Yes
YesAmerican HistoryHIST 300 Blacks in the US, 1607-1877 AFST 300  
YesAmerican HistoryHIST 301 Blacks in the US since 1877AFST 301  Yes
YesAmerican HistoryHIST 304 Mexican-American Frontier to 1848   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 345 Modern AfricaAFST 345  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 347 Rise of Islam, 600-1258RELS 347  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureHIST 429 The Roman EmpireCLAS 429  
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesHLTH 236 Race Ethnicity and Health   Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesHORT 201 Horticultural Science and Practices  HORT 1301; AGRI 1315; AGRI 1415; HORT 1401
YesLife and Physical SciencesHORT 202 Horticultural Science and Practices-Laboratory  HORT 1401
YesCreative ArtsHORT 203 Floral Design   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesHORT 335 Sociohorticulure   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesINST 210 Understanding Special Populations   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesINST 222 Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesINST 301Theories of Globalization   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureINTS 251 Contemporary Issues in the Middle East   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureITAL 201 Intermediate Italian I  ITAL 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureITAL 202 Intermediate Italian II  ITAL 2312Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureJAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I  JAPN 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureJAPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II  JAPN 2312Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesJOUR 102 American Mass Media  COMM 1307
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesJOUR 365 International CommunicationCOMM 365  Yes
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesKINE 120 The Science of Basic Health and Fitness   
YesCreative ArtsKINE 210 Dance Appreciation and the Art of Movement   
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesKINE 223 Introduction to the Science if Health and Fitness   
YesCreative ArtsKINE 311 Fundamental Rhythms and Dance   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureLAND 240 History of Landscape Architecture   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesMARS 210 Marine Geography   Yes
YesMathematicsMATH 131 Mathematical Concepts- Calculus   
YesYesMathematicsMATH 141 Business Mathematics I MATH 1324 may not transfer as a direct equivalent to MATH 141 at Texas A&M University but will satisfy the core math requirement in most cases.  The following degree programs will not accept MATH 1324 for MATH 141 unless it transfers as a direct equivalent:  Communication, Economics, Psychology, and Telecommunication Media Studies.MATH 1324
YesYesMathematicsMATH 142 Business Mathematics II  MATH 1325
YesMathematicsMATH 147 Calculus I for Biological Sciences   
YesMathematicsMATH 148 Calculus II for Biological Sciences   
YesYesMathematicsMATH 150 Functions, Trigonometry & Linear System  MATH 2412
YesYesMathematicsMATH 151 Engineering Mathematics I  MATH 2413
YesYesMathematicsMATH 152 Engineering Mathematics II  MATH 2414
YesYesMathematicsMATH 166 Topics in Contemporary Mathematics II   
YesMathematicsMATH 167 For All Practical Purposes   
YesMathematicsMATH 171 Analytic Geometry and Calculus   
YesMathematicsMATH 172 Calculus   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureMODL 221 World Literature ENGL 221 ENGL 2332Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureMODL 222 World Literature ENGL 222 ENGL 2333Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureMUSC 201 Music & The Human Experience  MUSI 1306Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 221 Guitar Heroes   Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 222 Music of the Americas   Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 225 History of Jazz   
YesYesCreative ArtsMUSC 226 History of Rock   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureMUSC 227 Popular Music of India   Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 228 History of Electronic Music   
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 301 Performance in World Cultures PERF 301, THAR 301  Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 324 Music in World CulturesANTH 324  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureMUSC 325 Dance in World CulturesPERF 325  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureMUSC 326 Dance and Identity in the United StatesPERF 326  Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 327 Popular Musics in the African DiasporaAFST 327; PERF 327  Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 328 Japanese Traditional Performing Arts THAR 328  Yes
YesCreative ArtsMUSC 386 Evolution of the American MusicalTHAR 386  Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesNUTR 222 Nutrition for Health and Health Care   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureNUTR 300 Religious and Ethnic FoodsFSTC 300  Yes
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesOCNG 251 Oceanography  GEOL 1345 or GEOL 1445
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesOCNG 252 Oceanography Laboratory  GEOL 1145 or GEOL 1445
YesCreative ArtsPERF 301 Performance in World CulturesMUSC 301, THAR 301  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CulturePERF 325 Dance in World CulturesMUSC 325  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CulturePERF 326 Dance and Identity in the United StatesMUSC 326  Yes
YesCreative ArtsPERF 327 Popular Musics in the African DiasporaAFST 327; MUSC 327  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CulturePHIL 111 Contemporary Moral Issues  PHIL 2306
YesYesMathematicsPHIL 240 Introduction to Logic  PHIL 2303
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CulturePHIL 251 Introduction to Philosophy  PHIL 1301
YesCreative ArtsPHIL 330 Philosophy of Art   
YesCreative ArtsPHIL 375 Philosophy of Visual Media   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CulturePHIL 482 Ethics and EngineeringENGR 482  
YesLife and Physical SciencesPHYS 109 Big Bang & Black HolesASTR 109Students taking this course must co-enroll in PHYS 119. 
YesLife and Physical SciencesPHYS 119 Big Bang & Black Holes Companion CourseASTR 119Students taking this course must co-enroll in PHYS 109. 
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesPHYS 201 College Physics  PHYS 1401
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesPHYS 202 College Physics  PHYS 1402
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesPHYS 208 Electricity and Optics  PHYS 2426
YesYesLife and Physical SciencesPHYS 218 Mechanics  PHYS 2425
YesYesGovernment/Political Science POLS 206 American National Government  GOVT 2305
YesYesGovernment/Political Science POLS 207 State and Local Government  GOVT 2306
YesLife and Physical SciencesPOSC 201 General Avian Science  AGRI 1327
YesYesSocial and Behavioral SciencesPSYC 107 Introduction to Psychology  PSYC 2301
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 220 History of Christianity: Organs to the ReformationHIST 220, CLAS 220  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 221 History of IslamHIST 221  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 251 Classical Mythology CLAS 251  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 312 Contemplative Practices in the Modern World   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 317 Introduction to Biblical ArchaeologyANTH 317  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 347 Rise of Islam, 600-1258HIST 347  
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRELS 360 Bible as LiteratureENGL 365  
YesLife and Physical SciencesRENR 205 Fundamentals of Ecology   
YesLife and Physical SciencesRENR 215 Fundamentals of Ecology-Laboratory   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRUSS 201 Intermediate Russian I  RUSS 2311Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureRUSS 202 Intermediate Russian II  RUSS 2312Yes
YesLife and Physical SciencesSCSC 105 World Food and Fiber Crop  AGRI 1307, 1407
YesLife and Physical SciencesSCSC 301 Soil Science   
YesLife and Physical SciencesSCSC 405 Soil and Water Microbiology   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 205 Introduction to Sociology  SOCI 1301Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 206 Global Social Trends   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 207 Introduction to Gender and SocietyWGST 207  Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 211 Sociology of Deviance   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 212 Sociology of Popular Culture   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 217 Introduction to Race and Ethnicity   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 304 Criminology   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 312 Population and Society   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 313 Military, War and Society   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 314 Social Problems   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 315 The Marriage Institution   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 319 Sociology of SportSPMT 319  
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 327 Morality and Society   Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureSPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I  SPAN 1411Yes
YesYesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureSPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II  SPAN 1412Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureSPMT 220 Olympic Studies   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSPMT 304 Psychology of Sport    
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSPMT 319 Sociology of Sport SOCI 319  
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSPMT 336 Diversity in Sport Organizations   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesSPMT 337 International Sport Business   Yes
YesCreative ArtsTHAR 101 Introduction to Western Theatre and Drama  DRAM 1310Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureTHAR 155 History of Western Dress   
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureTHAR 156 Dress, Culture, and Society   Yes
YesCreative ArtsTHAR 201 Introduction to World Theater   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureTHAR 280 History of Theatre I  DRAM 2361
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureTHAR 281 History of the Theatre II  DRAM 2362Yes
YesCreative ArtsTHAR 301 Performance in World CulturesPERF 301, MUSC 301  Yes
YesCreative ArtsTHAR 328 Japanese Traditional Performing Arts MUSC 328  Yes
YesCreative ArtsTHAR 386 Evolution of the American MusicalMUSC 386  Yes
YesCommunicationTHAR 407 Performing Literature   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesURPN 201The Evolving City   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesURPN 202 Building Better Cities   
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesURPN 361 Urban Issues   Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureWGST 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies   Yes
YesSocial and Behavioral SciencesWGST 207 Introduction to Gender and SocietySOCI 207  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureWGST 333 Gay and Lesbian LiteratureENGL 333  Yes
YesLanguage, Philosophy and CultureWGST 374 Women WritersENGL 374  Yes